I have three pairs of cockatiels 200 per pair, lovebirds 45 each, 1 pair Rosey Bourkes 250 & Parakeets ten each
JoJo the talking bird selling because I do not have time for
We had a lot of parakeets looking for a new home. All around one year and less. Could contact me at 409365XXXX. Im in port Arthur tx. If you are interested in one, is important to bring a box or a cage to tcarry them.
Jessie is a male not DNA tested, 12-year-old, Green Wing Macall. Jessie needs an experienced bird owner with patience as it takes time for him to adjust to new situations. He talks, has never been a feather chewer, can be handled by both men and women. It will take several weeks of being around him before you can handle him. He will warn you by fluffing up and taking a fake bite at you, but if ...